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 We are 100% non-profit.   We work as a team to accomplish the task at hand, and recognize that without our team the task could not be completed. As the years have passed we have taken on the role to provide anyone who has any special needs a quality hunt and or fishing trips. This has included disabled and terminally ill children and adults who want to hunt as well as wounded veterans. We are also going to put together a program for female hunters and try to get more females involved in our hunting heritage.   Our aim is to provide as many hunts and fishing trips as possible every year. With your donations, time and support we plan on making our hunts and fishing trips a regular occurrence and add to the rapidly growing hunting community. Our mission at the end of the day is to put as many smiles on faces as we possibly can. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a partner with us to provide these hunts and fishing trips please fill out the form on our contact us page. We are always looking for volunteers and organizations who would like to donate their time and or products for these less fortunate people. Deer hunting in Florida 



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Ian Britt


Ian Britt day! Fantastic weekend of hunting & shooting

Jill Hurst


Jill Hurst with her first ever deer at 

My Florida Hunter


 On February 27, 2014, Isaiah was diagnosed with stage IV Cancer, then confirmed on March 4, 2014 to be Neuroblastoma Stage IV Cancer High Risk/Aggressive 

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