Meet Our Staff


Kenny Banaciski: President

 Kenny founded My Florida Hunter back in 2003 when he first did a hunt for terminally ill children. His passion grew more with helping others and he began doing hunts for the terminally ill, disabled children, first responders, veterans and youth. 


Joe Short: Vice President

 Joe joined the group in 2017 after sharing his passion for the organization and what we do for the community. Joe volunteers his time throughout the year doing anything and everything he can to make all of our hunts and events go as smooth as possible.  


Tim Sirois: Board Member

 Tim is a Fire Chief who has been with Kenny through the whole process of building the My Florida Hunter organization. Tim has volunteered many hours to make a lot of these hunts possible. He has a huge passion for helping others. 


Mitchell Ryan: Board Member

 Mitchell has been with us since 2011. He has excellent work ethics and works really hard doing the day to day operations at any event or hunt that we host. He is also our video editing tech, He takes on any task handed to him. He is a great asset to the team and loves helping others. 


Mark Banaciski: Board Member

 Mark runs the camp operations. He takes on the responsibilities of the cooking, cleaning and overall appearance of the My Florida Hunter camp. Mark also does so many other jobs including building shooting houses, planting food plots and more. Mark also has a huge passion for helping others. 


James Helm: Honorary Member

Jim Helm is an active outdoorsman! Jim is there for us at every event to help with anything possible. Jim and his family got Kenny hooked on hunting over 40 years ago. Jim put 56 years in the Fire service and is also a Korea Veteran. 


Cathy Banaciski: Our Very Own Philanthropist.

Cathy has been part of the group since 2003 when My Florida Hunter was founded. She has been behind the scenes for many years making things happen. From cooking breakfast at 4am to working on Social Media outlets. She has a heart of gold and enjoys helping others.