My Florida Hunter, Hunters Helping Neighbors


Jill Hurst The folks at Myfloridahunter are awesome! I was fortunate enough to be drawn as one of the female hunters for the hunt Thanksgiving weekend 2015. The weekend was also doe weekend for the region where we were hunting. The guys at Myfloridahunter set my husband and I up in a blind, where after a couple of sittings, I was able to take my very first deer. It was a great weekend. Since I've been following Myfloridahunter, I've seen just how big their hearts are. They've stepped up to help out fellow hunters by raising funds and putting on special hunts. They're great folks!

Jimmy Boswell  My daughter and I were hunting at Andrews WMA this past year and met Kenny and his son Mitchell. They were both very gracious and invited her to hunt with MyFloridaHunter at their camp this past season. Though she did not harvest anything, it was a great time and she looks forward to participating in the future with other like-minded hunters that understand that it is the opportunity and pursuit that makes the experience. This is a GREAT organization!!!

Lisa Britt  If you like hunting and enjoy being around great people, this is the organization for you. Not only are they a group that has the utmost integrity, but they have hearts big as the sky. My son, Ian has a long list of disabilities, Kenny and Mark treated him like a king and showed him the best time. They were safety conscious with his abilities, but allowed him to have a full experience. I can't wait till I can see him enjoy another adventure. You should check them out.

James Sirois  Just got back from our 2nd annual Memorial Hunt for my Veteran Fireman brother Tom Sirois! And what a hunt it was! The worst possible conditions you can imagine! Lightning, Tornado's, Rain you name it!! Got lucky on Saturday evening during a lull in storms and got a heavy lil 6pt! It's hunting! You can sit all weekend not see a thing or you get lucky! It doesn't matter, it's just getting out in nature! Kenny and the whole crew do everything they can to make your stay pleasant!! This is not a 12' fence pay to hunt place!! It's raw hunting! If you see something? Cool! If you get something? Bonus! No matter what, you'll have a good time and they will make sure your needs are met!! I have contributed when I can ( every little bit helps) to the disabled, and less fortunate, and now the Hero's Hunt next month! Please do whatever you can to help this organization continue with the wonderful thing they are doing!! Thank you again Kenny for a great weekend and the most trying times ( weather wise) that you can imagine!! Had a Great weekend!! Come and getcha some!!

Rod Zeratsky  Just finished a fantastic "Hunt for the Heroes" weekend hosted by Kenny B. Great stories, new friends, a memorial bbq by chef Mark B and plain good fun!! Thanks again everyone for a great time and I look forward to next year!

Renee Long  Thank you My Florida Hunter for a wonderful time! The views here are great!!! It has been a pleasure meeting you guys and learning all about what you do here. My husband and I look forward to helping out with what's to come!